No longer will we be silent victims. Welcome to Wife Unscripted.

The Story of Me

While everyone was suffering through the boredom of Covid-19 lockdown, I was finding out more about my husband than I ever could have imagined. I discovered that he was lying about money, manipulating bills, plotting his exit strategy, and having an affair. It was my womanly instinct that discovered his affair was not with a married woman, as he had eventually confessed, but instead with a teenager. My Covid-19 story is one of anger, lies, despair, felonies, and of course emotional distress. Yet, while I await the arrest and sentencing of my partner of eleven years, I know that, for the sake of myself and my daughter, I will come out of this stronger than before. It is my dream to help as many woman as I can, do the same. No longer will we be silent victims. Welcome to Wife Unscripted.

Career Mentoring

One of the hardest things to do when it seems like your life is falling apart, is to focus on your career. When it feels like you are drowning in domestic duties and parenting responsibilities, it is hard to get your job 100%. Career mentoring can help you focus on tiny goals and actions that will help you increase focus and productivity, while still maintaining a well-balanced work/home/social life.

Financial Mentoring

Separation or divorce can be a very shocking financial wakeup call. It is never easy going from a two income household to a single income one. I will show you how I went from a cozy two income household, to being a single mom, paying all of the bills on my own, while still working on paying off debt, keeping my daughter in her private school, and building an emergency fund.

Life Mentoring

You will never realize how much house work, vehicle maintenance, yard work, errands, etc. you have until you are the only adult in the house managing the workload. Through trial and error, I have found a system that enables me to keep up with the demands of owning my own home, caring for my child and our pets, all while still having time to relax. As your life coach, I will show you how.

  • This option allows you to schedule 30 minute sessions as often as you need for $25 per session. Sessions are 1:1 and offered through Zoom. All clients receive access to the Clients’ Only resource library.
Once you have paid for your session, please book your session below. In the notes, please provide two (2) times within your chosen time slot that will work best for you.

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